Good leaders are not good enough.

What the world needs is not another good leader, but selfless mentors who are passionate about building lives, not their own empires,

Here at, we believe in the potential of our younger generation, and we want to grow youth to have faith in who they are, to love others and bring hope to future generations.


Youth Mentoring Movement

We believe in youth-mentoring-youth. That each person can inspire, motivate and bring an impact to someone's life.


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We are captivated by stories of youth mentors and how they're making an impact in their communities. So, what's your story?


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We provide and curate resources for local youth development, whether it's in the form of training, content creation or partnerships.


Watch Season 1 Now!

Season 1 of features inspiring stories of 10 local youths, and how they are being an impact in their communities. It has been an amazing experience getting to know them personally, and an even greater joy to share their stories. Scroll down to catch up on all the episodes! 


Episode 1: Just Beat It
From playing music on the big stage to teaching special needs children, Brandon shares how his passion for music and mentorship has developed over the years.

Episode 2: From Fat to Fit
Once overweight and obese, Calvin's life took a turning point. Now, he's a transformed man, and helps others as a full-fledge personal fitness trainer.

Episode 3: Playing With The Heart
A traumatic incident kept Abishek away from football. But find out what kicked off his passion to start playing again and eventually become a football coach.

Episode 4: Printing What You Wear
What's a young lady doing in T-shirt printing? Hear from Huey Lin as she explains the ins and outs of the industry and shares the story of her venture.

Episode 5: Waka Waka The Talk
The founder of Waka Waka Gelato, Marie, shares her journey of bringing Italian gelato to Malaysia and a few useful tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Episode 6: A Music Shensation
Not content with just being a performer, Shen talks about what drives him to compose his own music and collaborate with others along the way.

Episode 7: Bouldering for the Bold
One of the people spearheading bouldering in Penang, Ben from Project Rock shares his passion for the sport and a few misconceptions for new climbers.

Episode 8: Wood You Build a Cajon?
Moving from IT to woodworking, Derek chose to pursue his passion for music and craftsmanship, finally becoming a full-time cajon maker.

Episode 10: Dream On
A football and futsal coach, Scott tells of the unseen challenges and sacrifices he faces, but also the rewarding experience his profession brings.

Episode 9: I Can Actually Sing
A natural singer from young, Cynthia shares her story of discovering, honing and ultimately owning her instrument, which was her voice.


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